Invictus is Latin for unconquerable. William Ernest Henley wrote a poem titled Invictus in the late 1800's about being the master of your own fate no matter the blows dealt to you in life. After coming back from a major heart attack and having to start all over again at 30yrs. old but being resolved to succeed in doing so, it became a battle cry moving forward and hence the company naturally adopted the name... INVICTUS!!!


From fine furniture and conference tables to major renovations, custom cabinetry and built ins, to rustic furniture and doors among many other things we can build just about anything you can dream up! Give us a call today to start designing a truly custom piece, space, or home that will be sure to be the focal point of your lifestyle for years to come!


In creating this company it has been our goal to start a movement, not just a business. Everyone has things they have overcome in life to get to where they are and hopefully they are determined to keep moving forward, that's what Invictus is all about. It takes a tribe of people all supporting each other to really make anything work and that support is what brought me back from the dead and got me back to what I love... creating. Our shop is open to those who want to learn, want some support in their endeavors or just want to build that community of people that refuse to be beaten and want to be supported by the same type of people.